This Beautiful Fantastic

Hello again!

Today, I’m gonna tell you about the movie again. This Beautiful Fantastic, a drama romance movie with a unique taste I guess. Film ini cukup menyenangkan sebagai hiburan dan salah satu film yang bikin gue menarik untuk menonton. Kebetulan, gue baru banget nonton film ini. Gue tau film ini juga agak random banget, pas itu gue lagi pengen nonton trailer film Thor: Ragnarok dan gak sengaja gue liat ada gambar trailer film ini dan i think its good to watch. After that, I fell in love into the story.  Continue reading “This Beautiful Fantastic”


Lady Bird


Well, I’m gonna tell you before that this is one of my favorite film in 2017. Jujur aja, sebenernya gue berharap banget film ini bisa tayang di Indonesia tapi itu cuma harapan saja dan cukup lama sih gue tau film ini bakalan tayang di TIFF 2017 (Toronto International Film Festival) barengan sama film Marlina *which is i haven’t watch yet:(* Continue reading “Lady Bird”

Daily Night – Skincare Routine

Hello guys! I just want to share my daily night routine before I sleep. That’s my skincare routine, its just simple and very easy for you if you really lazy to wash your face or just want to go to bed earlier. You don’t need a lot of stuff in here, so let’s jump to the routinity..

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Greeting from me!

Hello guys! My name Alissa. This is my blog and I hope you can enjoy this blog, everything what I’ve post its only my opinion and my voice that I really want to spread you. If you think this is good thing and makes your vibe good, so share and like this blog. Thank you so much 🙂


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Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water

Halo, ini pertama kalinya aku posting dan kali ini aku mau review salah satu skin care yang merupakan salah satu brand local ternama yaitu Ovale. Sebelumnya, I really sorry if this is looks so boring. Langsung aja kita review produk ini Continue reading “Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water”