Daily Night – Skincare Routine

Hello guys! I just want to share my daily night routine before I sleep. That’s my skincare routine, its just simple and very easy for you if you really lazy to wash your face or just want to go to bed earlier. You don’t need a lot of stuff in here, so let’s jump to the routinity..

After you prepare your stuff, first and really important is you have to clean your hand before you clean your face. Because your hand has a lot of bacteria that we don’t know. So, after wash the hand take the mineral water and spray to your face and then wipe the face with the cotton. Next step, pour the cleanser face to the cotton and wipe it into the face again. Make sure that your face is really clean. After that, you can spray again your face with the mineral water. It depends on you, if you feel your face already clean so you can stop just in here but you feel this is not enough so you can continue again.

Thats all the step from me for skincare routine, go to the my youtube channel or just click this link under below


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